• Sell used laptops
  • Sell used cisco
  • Sell used computers
  • Destroy hard drives

IT Asset Disposition and Liquidation 

IT Asset Management Group purchases surplus IT equipment and office electronics from organizations wishing to receive the most capital back for their retired IT equipment.  We are a one stop shop for all IT asset disposition, liquidation, data destruction and electronic waste recycling services and provide solutions designed to eliminate the burdens associated with physically disposing and removing various types of computer equipment.


Typical Client Scenarios 

  • Facility Relocation
  • Desktop and Data Center Refresh
  • End of XP support or other mission critical platforms
  • Mergers and Acquisitions 
  • Workforce Reduction
  • Bankruptcy and Business Closures

Liquidation is Easy With ITAMG

We do our best to simplify the disposition and liquidation process.  If you have an asset inventory readily available we can provide an all inclusive quote for disposition, liquidation, and data destruction services.  

If you don't have an inventory together an ITAMG representative can walk you through what the most important information to capture is or we can send someone to your site to take an inventory and provide a quote.

Download and use the ITAMG Inventory Template to ensure you're capturing the most important in order to receive the highest and most accurate quote.  

Download Inventory Template

Stop Storing Assets!

The value of your IT equipment is decreasing every day. ITAMG can help you develop an IT life cycle strategy with a complimentary consultation.

Intend to retire assets before they become too costly to manage.  Consider the end of an asset’s warranty as a good parameter for when the liquidation process should begin. Instead of spending money on repairing and servicing old technology your organization can receive capital back on used IT equipment and invest in refreshing equipment to develop a more dependable infrastructure.       

After electronic hardware no longer has value a reputable electronic waste recycling company will be forced to charge your company in order to remove certain types of materials.

Avoid spending capital on repairing obsolete equipment and the possibility of incurring costs at the end of your IT life cycle and plan refreshes with your bottom line in mind.