• Sell used laptops
  • shred hard drives
  • liquidate networking equipment
  • Destroy hard drives

IT Asset Management Group purchases corporate America's surplus IT equipment and provides an environmentally sound and secure solution for electronic waste.

ITAMG offers a full suite of IT disposal services with a focus on dedicated customer service and competitive pricing.  We provide capital returns for decommissioned IT hardware and certify eWaste recycling for any material that cannot be reused. 

ITAMG is a national computer liquidator specializing in PC recycling, hard drive disposal, and data destruction projects of all scopes and sizes.  We have maintained a strong client portfolio by delivering leading IT asset disposition, computer recycling, and hard drive shredding services.  Our business model is focused on purchasing IT equipment and office electronics from companies that are upgrading infrastructure, relocating, or undertaking virtualization projects.

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eWaste Recycling

Hard Drive Shredding

Computer Disposal

IT Liquidation

IT Asset Disposition

ITAMG offers maximum returns for all brands of retired IT hardware and Responsible Recycling (R2) solutions for electronic waste.

We provide upfront pricing for surplus equipment and can work with your organization to develop purchasing terms that are clear and meet your operating standards.  

Our technicians are available to pack and remove all types of IT equipment, and our processes provide a clear and certified audit trail for electronic waste.


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Data Destruction

ITAMG offers several data destruction options including on-site hard drive shredding, degaussing, and Department of Defense grade sanitization.

Our data sanitization and physical destruction methods are performed in strict accordance with Federal and State laws and will assist your organization comply with all industry specific and private requirements.  

We have experienced consultants on staff that can help your organization develop a secure data eradication program.


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